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AM Briefing from Bowlersdesk.com for July 29, 2013


More Filner Fallout. Over the weekend more revelations came to light about San Diego’s Mayor. Christopher Baker an intern in the then congressman sent a declaration to KPBS saying Bob Filner would regularly “berate and belittle woman in the office”. He also says he noticed lots of physical contact between Filner and the women working in his office.

5:00 PM tonight is the deadline from the group called “Recall Bob Filner”. They say if the Mayor doesn’t resign by then they will begin the recall effort. The group will be at the Civic Center Plaza at 4:30 tonight to talk to the media in advance of the deadline.

San Diego’s City Council is set to meet at 2:00 this afternoon. They are going to talk about Mayor Filner’s new group of nominees for the pension system Board of Administration. Also on the agenda is the dissolution of the city’s Data Processing Corporation, and zoning changes that would make construction projects easier for Scripps Memorial Hospital.

Ramiro Espinoza is on the schedule to be arraigned at 8:00 AM in Chula Vista’s courthouse for the eight-hour SWAT stand-off in Imperial Beach

And today the San Diego Zoo is hosting a party for the first birthday of the giant panda cub Xiao Liwu. The birthday boy will get a special cake made of bamboo and fruit.

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Intern: Filner would ‘berate and belittle women’

Intern: Filner would ‘berate and belittle women’


[trib_ndn vid=24981983]An unpaid intern in the office of Mayor Bob Filner says he quit in protest after seeing the mayor repeatedly “berate and belittle women in the office.”

Christopher Baker, in a signed declaration given to KPBS, says that derogatory terms about women and “the physical contact is what I noticed most.”

The declaration mentions a woman who, after a press conference in La Jolla, asked for a picture with the mayor.Filner-web-2

The 70-year-old Democrat “started telling her that she was beautiful and asking about her relationship status. I noticed that he was very touchy, in a way that he never is with men.”

In the declaration, Baker says that he doubts other staff members will tell the truth about Filner “because people’s jobs are on the line.” He said he quit his job because “it compromised my moral compass too much to continue working in that environment. It’s not…

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