Political Podcast from BowlersDesk.com for the week of 7-28-13

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This time around Ric Epps and I (Matthew Bowler) talked all about the Bob Filner fiasco.

Filner a former Congressman, City Councilman, and current San Diego Mayor is embroiled in the mother of all sex scandals. At the time I wrote this seven women came forward and levied sexual harassment allegations against the powerful Democrat. These woman says Filner grabbed them, groped them, and in some cases aggressively kissed them. One accuser described Filner slobbering all over the side of her face.

This scandal has gripped the nation.

No the Mayor is entering a two week intensive behavior therapy, sort of a rehab.

We talked to Francine Busby the Chairperson of the San Diego County Democratic Party. She gave Ric and I an inside look at the Democratic party.

When they knew what they knew.

What they say they did when they say they knew.

It was a fascinating chat.

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