Filner accuser reacts to Mayor’s statement

Filner accuser reacts to Mayor’s statement

SAN DIEGO – One of the women who accused Mayor Bob Filner of sexual harassment is calling his latest statement “insulting.”

Filner announced Friday afternoon he will be taking two weeks leave to attend an “imorgan rosentensive therapy” program. In his statement he issued an apology “to the women I have offended.”

Morgan Rose, a school psychologist who said Filner harassed her when he was a Congressman, said his plan to stay in office is not surprising.

“In his statement today he was saying ‘I’m addicted. I’m staying in power and control, because that’s my addiction,’” she said.

Rose is one of seven women who have accused Filner of sexual harassment.

“He needs for the sake of his victims to leave office and personally to leave town,” said Rose.

She said she does not believe therapy will change his behavior.

“I don’t expect him to truly ever grasp the harm…

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