‘Surfing Madonna’ goes global

‘Surfing Madonna’ goes global


[trib_ndn vid=24968947]ENCINITAS, Calif. – The “Surfing Madonna” mosaic is now sending waves of inspiration to other beach communities around the world. The controversial “Surfing Madonna” art installation first made waves in 2011. That’s when the art piece mysteriously appeared on the railroad bridge underpass on Encinitas Boulevard.Surfing MadonnaDespite its beauty, the installation was considered graffiti, because it was illegally created without permission. Since then, artist Mark Patterson has gone public, explaining he worked on the piece undercover for nine months, while making it seem like a construction site.

Surfing Madonna needed a new home in a private location, and eventually made her move to Cafe Ipe in Leucadia where it’s become a local favorite.

“You can’t not love the ocean when you live here in Leucadia. It’s a part of life for everyone who lives here,” said Patterson.

“I think it’s great to have a mosaic like that,” said local musician Cleopatra Degher. “It’s part of the…

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