Police: Woman’s nightmare as sex slave started in San Diego

Woman’s nightmare as sex slave started in San Diego


SAN DIEGO – A woman’s ordeal as a sex slave started with a trip to San Diego, federal prosecutors said.

Brandon Todd, 19, encountered the woman on a bus ride from Florida to San Diego, according to the prosecutors. The woman was taking to trip to rekindle a relationship with her mom, and she was running low on cash.

Todd allegedly convinced the woman to stay with him in a hotel overnight, but he never let her leave his side, according to authorities.

The woman and Todd then boarded another bus to upstate New York, where investigators said Todd kept her as a sex slave.

The woman would not be held captive for long. She faked an asthma attack to get Todd to take her to the hospital. When she alerted hospital personnel to her ordeal, they called the police.

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