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Preventable Deaths Set Tragic Records in 2012 | News | San Diego County News Center

Preventable Deaths Set Tragic Records in 2012 | News | San Diego County News Center

Preventable Deaths Set Tragic Records in 2012 | News | San Diego County News Center.

Suicide and drug overdoses are up in San Diego County for the second year in a row.

According to the San Diego County Medical Examiner

413 suicides last year … that the highest since 1988

269 people died from prescription drug overdoses. that up from 267

Deaths from heroin use rose from 20 to 29

In 2012 homicides rose to 122 from a record 20-year low of 91 in 2011

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AM Briefing from Bowlersdesk.com for July 24, 2013

A second woman has come forward claiming to be a victim of sexual harassment from San Diego’s Mayor Bob Filner. In a KPBS report Laura Fink says that Filner patted her on the rear and made lewd comments at a fundraising event in 2005 for Filner’s congressional Campaign.

At that time Fink was a deputy campaign manager for Congressman Filner. Now she runs a nonprofit political consulting firm.

In the KPBS story Fink alleges that while at a crowded fundraiser for Filner someone said quote “this girl has worked her ass off for you” Then she says Filner told her to turn around patted her on her rear laughed and said “No, it’s still there”.

San Diego County Sheriff’s Department has set up a hot line for women who want to lodge sexual harassment complaints against the Mayor. And Filner is forbidden to meet with woman staffers alone.

Calls for his resignation are growing

Today The National Women Veterans Association of America is having an event and Filner was supposed to be their key note speaker and receive a life time achievement award from the women’s group. Now Filner is no longer the key-note speaker and the group is having a press conference at 10:30 this morning. They say they are going to “address all of these sexual issues and other associated controversial matters – in a no holds barred public statement!”.

In non-Filner news

This morning at 9:00 The San Diego City Council’s Rules and Economic Development Committee is meeting about how state legislation could impact enterprise zones

Also at 9:00 Over 400 local contractors are going to learn how to work with the San Diego Unified School District in an annual construction expo.

And finally at 10:00 AM officials are going to talk to the media about a planned 14-hour closure of eight-miles on the 805 freeway from August 18 to 19. Crews are going to tear down the East Palomar Street Bridge making way for a new off ramp.

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Police: Woman’s nightmare as sex slave started in San Diego

Woman’s nightmare as sex slave started in San Diego


SAN DIEGO – A woman’s ordeal as a sex slave started with a trip to San Diego, federal prosecutors said.

Brandon Todd, 19, encountered the woman on a bus ride from Florida to San Diego, according to the prosecutors. The woman was taking to trip to rekindle a relationship with her mom, and she was running low on cash.

Todd allegedly convinced the woman to stay with him in a hotel overnight, but he never let her leave his side, according to authorities.

The woman and Todd then boarded another bus to upstate New York, where investigators said Todd kept her as a sex slave.

The woman would not be held captive for long. She faked an asthma attack to get Todd to take her to the hospital. When she alerted hospital personnel to her ordeal, they called the police.

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Reason for SDSU coach’s termination revealed

Reason for SDSU coach’s termination revealed


SAN DIEGO – Former San Diego State University women’s basketball coach Beth Burns said the school forced her to retire and she plans to challenge the termination.

Burns’ attorney Ed Chapin told Fox5 Tuesday that SDSU forced Burns to retire solely because of one piece of video that shows her slapping an assistant coach during a game last season.

The video shows her slap once downward onto a clipboard held by the assistant. A second slap lands on the shoulder of the assistant.  Both actions happened during the heat of a game while Burns appeared to be looking onto the court and not at the assistant.

The Aztecs announced Burns had retired in April, without saying why. This was after she had led the the team to a school-record 27 wins in her 16th season as head coach.

Chapin said Burns is in the process of disputing the termination, but…

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Report: 2nd alleged Filner victim comes forward

2nd alleged Filner victim comes forward


SAN DIEGO — A second woman came forward Tuesday to publicly accuse San Diego Mayor Bob Filner of sexual harassment in an interview with KPBS.

Laura Fink told KPBS that Filner patted her posterior and made a crude joke at a crowded fundraising event in 2005, when she was his deputy campaign manager. She now runs a nonprofit political consulting firm.

Fink told KPBS that she was escorting Filner to different tables at the fundraiser when someone praised her by saying “this girl has worked her ass off for you.”

According to Fink, the then-congressman told her to turn around.

“As a staffer, I know it sounds silly to say that you just do it, but you just do it,” Fink said.

After she turned, Filner “took his hands, patted my posterior, laughed, and said, ‘No, it’s still there!'” Fink said.

She said she was in shock for a moment…

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‘Surfing Madonna’ goes global

‘Surfing Madonna’ goes global


[trib_ndn vid=24968947]ENCINITAS, Calif. – The “Surfing Madonna” mosaic is now sending waves of inspiration to other beach communities around the world. The controversial “Surfing Madonna” art installation first made waves in 2011. That’s when the art piece mysteriously appeared on the railroad bridge underpass on Encinitas Boulevard.Surfing MadonnaDespite its beauty, the installation was considered graffiti, because it was illegally created without permission. Since then, artist Mark Patterson has gone public, explaining he worked on the piece undercover for nine months, while making it seem like a construction site.

Surfing Madonna needed a new home in a private location, and eventually made her move to Cafe Ipe in Leucadia where it’s become a local favorite.

“You can’t not love the ocean when you live here in Leucadia. It’s a part of life for everyone who lives here,” said Patterson.

“I think it’s great to have a mosaic like that,” said local musician Cleopatra Degher. “It’s part of the…

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