Comic-Con Freebies and a Grumpy Journalist

One of the reasons members of the press love covering Comic-Con is for all of the extras. There are tons of freebies like poster, some times even a toy for the kid, and LOTS of free food.

A few smart companies have leaned that setting up press lounges is another great way to get lots of attention and positive press.

Not surprisingly Wire Magazine is one of those companies. The Wired Media Cafe is nice. They have free beer, food, give always, and some celebs stop by to schmooze with the press. It’s lots of fun, if your into a bar with loud music first thing in the morning after a late night. 11 AM is too early for me to start drinking and all I wanted was a cup of coffee.



So I walked the block over to the much smaller and much quieter Movies On Demand media lounge. Low and behold COFFEE! Along with a much quieter place to sit and write this post out.

Maybe I’m just getting to old. All I wanted was some coffee and a quiet place to sit and work.

I liked the Movies On Demand press lounge better.

Its amazing the things you take for granted after a bit of spoiling.

So you can be kept up to date on what matters.



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