San Diego Mayor Responds to Sexual Harassment Allegations … but only to “select” media …

San Diego’s Mayor Bob Filner sat down with a select few reporters to talk about the sexual harassment allegations levied against him.

None of the interviews we’re done in a way so that all of San Diego’s media could have access, like a pool interview. (this is what is often done in court)

However San Diego’s Univision affiliate put their interview on YouTube so I can at least post it here.

No one knows what the criteria was for choosing the stations for interviews. Are they more friendly to the administration? Did they submit question lists before hand? Was there some kind of “arrangement”?

No one knows at this point, however it is worth noting that they were all male reporters and the first station is the former employer of the Mayor’s Media Relation person.

Bellow is the Univision interview. It is in English with Spanish subtitles.



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