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The Politics of Comic Con on the BowlersDesk.com Political Podcast

Here are some select YouTube clips from the Bowler’s Desk Political Podcast Comic Con special!

This time around Ric Epps and I (Matt Bowler) spent some time chatting with Jamie Newbold at his comic book shop Southern California Comics. This place is great. If you want comics, graphic novels, collectible toys, this is the place to go.

We chatted about politics in comics and the politics of Comic Con. Jamie clearly loves comics. He’s knows comics. And can talk endlessly about them.

He also shed lots of light on how political San Diego Comic Con has become and what he thinks about the Con’s organizers and where he thinks it’s going.






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AM Briefing from Bowlersdesk.com for July 16, 2013


Bob Filner is still San Diego’s Mayor despite angry cries for his resignation. Yesterday former San Diego Councilwoman Donna Frye was yelling her sexual harassment allegations from the steps of city hall. Frye says that the Mayor aggressively kissed and groped women.

Filner did respond to the allegation with interviews for a few select stations. No one knows what the criteria were for getting the sit-down with the mayor.

Are they friendlier to the administration?

Did they submit question lists before hand?

Did the Mayor choose the reporter for personal reasons?

Was there some other kind of “arrangement”?

However it is worth noting that they were all male reporters And the first station to get the interview is the former employer of the Mayor’s Media Relation person.

In court today two sentencing’s of note. Both in Chula Vista’s courthouse at 1:30.

Former elementary school tutor Carlos Ojeda is scheduled to be sentenced for molesting a young relative.

Then Manuel Cadena, Oswoldo Mariscal, and Paul Mariscal are being sentenced for a gang shooting that injured two men.

The county’s politicos have more than just Bob Filner to deal with today

First at 9:00 AM San Diego’s County Board of Supervisors is meeting about a comprehensive energy plan, early prisoner release because of overcrowding, and the 75th anniversary of the County Administration Building. That’s the building at 1600 Pacific Coast Highway if you would like to go and check it out.

This afternoon at 1:00 the Port of San Diego Board of Commissioners is meeting about their budget and the shipyards seafloor sediment removal.

At 2:00 PM San Diego’s City Council is meeting about updating their annual district assessments.

Law enforcement around the county has a few extra things on their plates today.

In National City Police is hosting some German detectives who are here as part of a bi-national officer-exchange programmed.

Sheriff’s Deputies in El Cajon are conducting an “Active Shooter” drill at Grossmont College starting at 2:00 this afternoon. The eight hours drill will simulate a shooter on a rampage and give Deputies a chance go over the techniques used when confronting that kind of suspect.

And Rex Picket the author of “Sideways” announced his donation to the University of California at San Diego’s library. Picket graduated from UCSD in 1976 and is giving several of his personal papers for the libraries special collection.

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San Diego Mayor Responds to Sexual Harassment Allegations … but only to “select” media …

San Diego’s Mayor Bob Filner sat down with a select few reporters to talk about the sexual harassment allegations levied against him.

None of the interviews we’re done in a way so that all of San Diego’s media could have access, like a pool interview. (this is what is often done in court)

However San Diego’s Univision affiliate put their interview on YouTube so I can at least post it here.

No one knows what the criteria was for choosing the stations for interviews. Are they more friendly to the administration? Did they submit question lists before hand? Was there some kind of “arrangement”?

No one knows at this point, however it is worth noting that they were all male reporters and the first station is the former employer of the Mayor’s Media Relation person.

Bellow is the Univision interview. It is in English with Spanish subtitles.


Allegations raise questions about Filner’s agenda

Allegations raise questions about Filner’s agenda


[trib_ndn vid=24949889]SAN DIEGO – Mayor Bob Filner came to City Hall with an ambitious agenda as an advocate for the homeless, veterans, low-income citizens and medical marijuana users.  Now, with many of his allies calling for his resignation, the entire agenda is in question.

Filner’s chief of staff resigned last week and a most members of City Council have asked him to step down. As his support erodes, the big question is: “What can he get done?”

“It’s just a mess,” City Club of San Diego President George Mitrovich said.

Allegations bring questions about Filner’s projectsMitrovich said the mayor won’t be a lame duck if he stays in office, but he does have to win over his opponents on City Council, and that could be an uphill battle.

“The people of this city are a very forgiving people. Lots of things get forgiven and you can go on with your life by being apologetic,” Mitrovich…

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