AM Briefing from for July 9, 2013


The Chariot fire continues to burn in East San Diego Counties Mt. Laguna. 4700 acres have burned so far in the fires 4-days. Over 1300 firefighters are on scene battling the flames that began Saturday afternoon. Several campgrounds are evacuated along with some of the people that live in the rural communities. San Diego’s American Red Cross is running an emergency shelter at Joan MacQueen Middle School in Alpine.

This morning at 10:00 the San Diego City Council is getting together to talk about a proposal to ban the sale of dogs, cats, and rabbits within city limits, unless the animal comes from a city or county animal shelter. The proposal requires pet shop owners to keep certificates showing the animal’s origin.

Also on the agenda is a resolution from Lorie Zapf to ask the Defense Department to keep the Miramar Air Show going. Because of budget cuts many air show across the country have been canceled and Zapf wants to keep ours going. She says the air show contributes $17 million to the local economy.

San Diego County’s Board of Supervisors is meeting this morning as well, but at 9:00 AM. On their agenda the employment agreements with the union that represents the Public Defenders and Probation Officers.

Tonight at 5:00 the San Diego Unified School District Board of Education will start looking at way to get long serving employees who are not at retirement age to take an early retirement. They hope that getting people to retire early will help the district close a nearly 54 million dollar budget gap.

In court two arraignments and a sentencing of note

First in San Diego’s downtown courthouse the sentencing of Geronimo Polina is scheduled for 8:30 this morning. He’s been convicted of trying to carry out a Mexican Mafia hit inside San Diego County’s Donovan State Prison.

Then at 1:30 in Vista’s courthouse 67-year-old Abdula Rehman Ibrahim will be arraigned. He reportedly walked into the Escondido Police Department and confessed to stabbing his wife of 40-years.

And also at 1:30 in Vista’s courthouse the man accused of driving the car that killed an elderly couple will be arraigned. 20-year-old Earl Smith Jr is accused of driving drunk and killing the couple that was out on their daily walk, a walk that they have taken every day for at least 30-years.

And finally this morning at 8:15 San Diego Unified School District is hosting the eighth annual “Welcome to Middle School Parade” . Hundreds of students will march from Monroe Clark Middle School to Rosa Parks Elementary and back again. It should be very cute.

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