AM Briefing from for July 1, 2013


The heat wave continues today … it’s the fourth consecutive day of heat warnings. The coast will be in the upper 70’s, inland in the mid-80’s, and the mountain and deserts will top 100. Fortunately the heat warning is scheduled to end at 8:00 tonight.

According to this morning at 8:00 AM the San Diego County Clerk will begin taking appointments for same sex couples that want to get married for ceremonies on Wednesday. The clerk will also take walk-in’s but i bet it’s better to make an appointment

This morning at 9:00 the yoga is a religion law suit is scheduled to be decided. The judge is expected to give his decision on the controversial law suit brought by parents against the Encinitas Union School District. The parents clams that the yoga taught in class is a form of religious indoctrination while the school says no it’s just a way of keeping kids in shape and calm for class.

San Diego City Clerk will begin taking passport applications today with a ribbon cutting at 9:00 AM.

One her first day as San Diego Unified School District’s Superintendent Cindy Marten will eat s’mores and sing around the campfire with 60 of her former third graders in a camp-out. The camp-out is sponsored by the non-profit Jarrett Meeker Foundation. They support wildlife and environmental programs for San Diego’s kids.

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