City Attorney threatens to suspend closed council sessions

City Attorney threatens to suspend closed council sessions

[trib_ndn vid=24923187]SAN DIEGO — City Attorney Jan Goldsmith said Friday that he plans to suspend closed session meetings with San Diego Mayor Bob Filner and the City Council.

In a morning television interview on KUSI, Goldsmith said there would be no more meetings — which are held to conduct confidential discussions on legal matters and employee issues — until his lawyers are treated with respect by the mayor.

Filner berated Goldsmith’s top lieutenant, Andrew Jones, and had him removed from a conference room by police at a closed session meeting two weeks ago, according to a transcript.

goldsmithThe mayor has been critical of Goldsmith and his office in public and behind closed doors, and slashed the budget of the City Attorney’s Office for the fiscal year that started today.

“The action I’ve taken, and will be taking based upon all of this, is there will be no further closed sessions,”…

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