Bowler’s Desk Political Podcast … We tackle the difficult topic of surviving torture in San Diego

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This Bowler’s Desk Political Podcast is in honor of the United Nations International Day in Support of Victims of Torture.

Often torture is ignored and oversimplified in main stream media

It’s hard to talk about torture and sell ads

It’s hard to talk about torture without diminishing to topic

It’s hard to talk about torture

But we’re going to try and do the hard thing …

According to Cornell Law School’s web site torture is defined as

(1) “torture” means an act committed by a person acting under the color of law specifically intended to inflict severe physical or mental pain or suffering (other than pain or suffering incidental to lawful sanctions) upon another person within his custody or physical control;

(2) “severe mental pain or suffering” means the prolonged mental harm caused by or resulting from—

(3) “United States” means the several States of the United States, the District of Columbia, and the commonwealths, territories, and possessions of the United States.

I sat down with two experts in the field of torture.

First Arturo Jimenez Bicardi a PhD candidate at University of California at Irvine and he’s doing his dissertation on US torture and targeted killings programs since World War II.

Also joining me was Suzanne Bacon the Community Relations Manager for Survivors of Torture, International. They are a San Diego based group that helps people that have survived torture heal.

Did you know that there are over 11,000 survivors of politically motivated torture living in San Diego?

That’s whom Survivors of Torture, International helps. They also give twice monthly tours of their facility, showing anyone interested the good work they do.

Go to the web site Give money. Give time. Take the tour.



Thank you.



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