Ambulance rides get more expensive

Ambulance rides get more expensive

SAN DIEGO — The San Diego City Council Monday unanimously approved a one-year extension of the city’s emergency medical services contract with Rural/Metro Ambulance, which means the average cost of riding in an ambulance in the city will soon rise.

Most of the other provisions and service levels will remain unchanged from the previous two-year deal, but Rural/Metro will be allowed under the extension to increase its average per-ride charge to patients from $1,761 to $1,820, City EMS Program Manager Alyssa Ross said.

The increased cost will help the private ambulance company that works with several cities in the region offset a 3.35 percent rise in fees it will have to pay the city.

Ross said the costs that agencies in other parts in the region charge per ambulance ride range from about $1,200 to around $2,300.

A partnership between the city and Rural/Metro was formed in 2009, but was…

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