Plans for Balboa Park Centennial revealed

Plans for Balboa Park Centennial revealed

[trib_ndn vid=24892903]SAN DIEGO – The 2015 Balboa Park Centennial Celebration will be based around four major shows that will hopefully draw international attention to San Diego, the producers of the events said Tuesday.

At a news conference to unveil programming plans for the 100th anniversary, producers Phil Green and Adam Burke said a series of “spectaculars” would anchor the celebration.

balboa.jpg“The big shows, elements that hundreds of thousands of people can participate in and watch — these are the ones that draw the eyes of the world to San Diego,” said Green.

Green and Burke are event producers working with Autonomy, the company hired to put on the year-long celebration.

Green revealed three of the major events — a water show to honor the Navy and Port of San Diego, a made-for-television concert at Friendship Park on the U.S.-Mexico border featuring musical acts from both countries, and a gala weekend with people dressed…

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