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San Diego Political Podcast

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This time to record Bowler’s Desk Political Podcast Ric Epps and I met up over at Roucco Park.

It’s a nice park with some very cool modernist/minimalist flair. My only criticism is that the park doesn’t have any shade. While the park was named for a local Architect Lloyd Ruocco. The park is designed to honor Ruocco’s minimalist and modernist style.

However it is in desperate need of shade. There are benches that no one sits in unless they want to fry in San Diego’s famous sunshine. Let’s be honest so many parks around San Diego don’t have any shade. That’s bad and seems to be something that many out of town designers forget. While the sun is great we need shade.

OK now that’s off my chest.

For the podcast Ric and I talked about:

How Mayor Filner faced his third veto override in a row.

The Tourism Marketing District.

If you want to use this picture to promote my fair city please do. I only ask that I am credited as the creator and you link BowlersDesk.com

If you want to use this picture to promote my fair city please do. I only ask that I am credited as the creator and you link BowlersDesk.com

Here’s that picture for my idea for the new San Diego ad campaign.

Why being aware of local politics is super important.



The G8

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Job offered to teacher fired after domestic dispute

Job offered to teacher fired after domestic dispute


Carie Charlesworth, teacher firedSAN DIEGO – An El Cajon teacher, who was fired following a domestic violence incident involving her ex-husband, received a job offer over the weekend.

Carie Charlesworth told Fox5 a private school in Los Angeles learned of her firing from Holy Trinity School in El Cajon and offered her a job.

In January, Charlesworth’s ex-husband violated a restraining order by appearing on the school’s campus, putting the school to be locked-down.

“I left that afternoon, was told I was taking the week off and I haven’t been back since,” said Charlesworth.

Three months later, a letter from Holy Trinity to Charlesworth stated that her contract would not be renewed and she would not be allowed to teach at other Diocese of San Diego schools.

The letter said Charlesworth was not only a danger to herself and her kids, but also the students and staff at the school.  School administrators pointed…

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AM Briefing from Bowlersdesk.com for June 17, 2013


Our morning commute is still being affected by a brush fire from Sunday evening. This fire is 100 percent contained however according to C-H-P the number 3 lane on the East Bound 52 will remain blocked for the morning commute. According to San Diego Fire Dispatch the fire burned 110 acres in the Mission Trails Regional Park. The cause is still under investigation.

A bunch of readiness and status conferences that I’m not going into now however … In Vista’s courthouse at 1:30 this afternoon the arraignment for Arturo Salazar he is accused of murdering the mother of his two children and stuffing her body under a bed in his garage.

Also at 1:30 this afternoon in San Diego’s courthouse Andrew Marcinowski is being arraigned. He is accused of leading police on a car chase and crashing into two other cars during the pursuit.

The San Diego City Council is meeting and the big thing on the agenda is Verizon asking for approval to put up a dozen cell towers in Encanto.

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