AM Briefing from for June 12, 2013


A bank robbery erupts into gunfire and one suspect is still on the loose. Late afternoon Tuesday two suspects … one man and one woman … tried to rob a Wells Fargo bank in the San Diego suburb of University City when a bank guard confronted them. Reportedly the man was shot but able to run away hopping into a waiting car.

According to a KSWB FOX5 report by Kristy Wolski a witness snapped a cell phone picture of the injured robber as he ran to the get-a-way car. The driver and injured suspect were able to flee and evade police; however the injured suspect was dropped off at Sharp Memorial Hospital some time later. The woman was arrested on scene and taken to the hospital, the extent of her injuries is not known at this time. So to sum up … the two robbers are under arrest and in the hospital, one with a gunshot wound to his chest, and the get-a-way driver is still on the loose.

Lost going on for San Diego’s Politicos today.

First the San Diego City Council is meeting today and talking about a couple of hot topics. In the morning they are talking about the Tourism Marketing District … remember when the mayor was refusing to release funds to pay the TMD. Then in the afternoon they are listing to presentations about the planning for the Balboa Park centennial celebration.

San Diego’s County Board of Supervisors is continuing its budget meetings this morning at 9:00. In-home health care advocates are slated to speak. The county does pay for some in-home health care and it’s often on the chopping block.

Then at 9:30 the Civic San Diego Board of Directors is talking about a new project that could provide over 200 affordable housing units.

At 4:00 PM San Diego Association of Governments (or SANDAG) is meeting about extending the trolley to La Jolla.

Then at 5:30 PM SANDAG is meeting in San Marcos about extending rail service from San Marcos to Oceanside.

And at 8:00 PM the San Diego County Regional Airport Authority is celebrating the restarting of nonstop flights from Miami to San Diego.

This morning at 10:00 Republican State Senator Joel Anderson is talking to the press about legislation he’s supporting that would fund some school safety programs.

And at 10:30 AM an Army doctor is announcing a new lawsuit against the Boy Scouts of America for sexual abuse.

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