5 Marines face dismissal over relationship

5 Marines face dismissal over relationship


Marine Corps Base Camp PendletonSAN DIEGO – Five male staff sergeants at Camp Pendleton face dismissal from the Marine Corps after being convicted of fraternization with a female lance corporal, Marine officials said Monday.

After a court-martial, one of the five received a bad conduct discharge. Another pleaded guilty to fraternization and adultery and waived his right to an administrative hearing to avoid being dismissed.

Three others were convicted of fraternization at court-martial and were recommended for administrative separation from the Marine Corps for “commission of a serious offense.” Those three have the right to a hearing before an administrative separation board consisting of officers and non-commissioned officers.

All five of the staff sergeants fraternized with the lance corporal over a period of months. Four of the five are married; at court-martial, three of those were found not guilty of adultery, the fourth pleaded guilty to the charge.

The five staff sergeants and the…

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