AM Briefing from for May 30, 2013


This morning at 9:00 31-year-old Jesus Arteaga Garcia will be sentenced for stabbing his pregnant and estranged wife who also happened to be a Customs and Border Patrol agent. Garcia fled to Mexico after the murder and was able to assert Mexican nationality meaning that in order for the United Stated to bring him back the death penalty had to be taken off the table as a possible sentence. There is no death penalty in Mexico and if Mexican nationals are wanted for a crime in another country Mexican authorities will not extradite unless the death penalty is removed as a possible sentence.

Also this morning at 9:30 the University of California at San Diego Medical Center is conducting a mass-casualty building collapse drill. UCSD Medical Center officials say that the “mass casualty and mass fatality” drill is meant to simulate catastrophes similar to the recent building collapse in Bangladesh.

Early this afternoon San Diego’s Mayor Bob Filner is hosting a youth summer employment summit with local business leaders. Connect2Careers is the new name for the redesigned “Hire-a-Youth” program. The program has about 400 youths signed up but only 60 companies. The Mayor hopes to change that.

Today Anti-Fracking activists all across the state are delivering petition to their local representatives to ban the controversial oil extraction method in California. In San Diego Democratic State Assemblywoman Toni Atkins will be the recipient in her office at 2445 Fifth Ave at noon.

Tonight at 7:00 activists will rally in support of comprehensive immigration reform on the west side of San Diego County Administration Building 1600 Pacific Highway. Some of the notable attendees are San Diego’s Mayor Bob Filner and Nathan Fletcher Chair San Diegans United for Commonsense Immigration Reform.

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