Cleanup of La Jolla Cove to begin Tuesday

Cleanup of La Jolla Cove to begin Tuesday

[trib_ndn vid=24846696]LA JOLLA, Calif. — A private company will begin work to eliminate the stench in La Jolla Cove caused by bird guano Tuesday under a plan announced by Mayor Bob Filner.

On Friday, Filner declared that the cormorant, pigeon, gull, pelican and other animal waste covering the cliffs east of La Jolla Cove is a public health hazard and said a plan eliminate the odor was underway.

City officials said the plan involved essentially neutralizing the chemicals and organisms that were causing the smell, and called for safety measures to protect both workers and the area’s animal life.

“We finally have a plan that we think may work,” Filner said. “And that’s good because I was about to go get a bucket and mop, or a big vacuum cleaner and do it myself.”

Filner issued an emergency finding under the Marine Mammal Protection Act of 1972 to get the…

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