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San Diego Political Podcast

This time we recorded at Polite Provision … this place is very cool … it have a European vibe … I half expect James Joyce of Ernest Hemingway to come stumbling in … they make their own soda and fancy craft cocktails …

I got say I worried they would be very expensive but no … decent prices … 5 – 9 for a cocktail type of prices … I had a fancy soda that they make themselves … 2 bucks … Lots of light … cool tables… I this place is going to last. I hope at lest.

I met up with Dan Gilleon … he’s a San Diego lawyer … mostly he does civil litigation.. that means he sues people for stuff … we talked about the twerking debacle .. I wanted to talk about what kind of liability the San Diego Unified School District is potentially facing if the parents of the suspended students start to sue all at the same time … 32 students now have to say they were suspended for “Sexual Harassment” .. The ACLU got involved … think about how much this is going to cost to defend? Where’s that money come from?

Of course we talked about other stuff too … he had some fun stories …

Polite Provisions 30th and Adams … classy joint and cool people … lots of mustaches, vests, and cocktails

And as always if you have an opinion you want to share on the Political Podcast call me … leave a message … we may play it and respond 619-663-4531

Call leave a message … ask a question … From Polite Provision on the South-West corner of 30th and Adams

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