Buzz Aldrin speaks to fans at S.D. Air & Space Museum

Buzz Aldrin speaks to fans at S.D. Air & Space Museum

[trib_ndn vid=24838493]SAN DIEGO – Approximately 350 fans attended a special event Wednesday at the San Diego Air and Space Museum to meet Buzz Aldrin and get an autographed copy of his new book.

Aldrin, along with Neil Armstrong, became the first person to walk the moon in 1969. During an interview Wednesday afternoon he recalled the moments when Apollo 11 first landed.

“At 100 feet we hear a call out of 60 seconds of fuel left and I’m getting a little worried,” said Aldrin. “We got down to 30 seconds and we were still 10 feet above the ground. But I felt we were going to make it for sure. And then we touched down and we both looked at each other, congratulating each other and that was the most striking moment of that first expedition.”

His new book, Mission to Mars: My Vision For Space Exploration, is co-authored by…

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