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AM Briefing from Bowlersdesk.com for May 23, 2013

AM Briefing from Bowlersdesk.com for May 23, 2013


The jury continues to deliberate in the retrial of Stephen Dragasits. He is accused of shooting at random people as they drove along the freeway. The first trial was declared a mistrial because of a hung jury.

At 10:00 AM San Diego’s Mayor Bob Filner is talking to the press about increasing funding for homeless veteran programs.

Then at 2:00 PM San Diego’s City Council is having a special meeting. They are working on a five year labor deal. First they will take public comment then go into a closed door meeting

The Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design or LEED San Diego is having its 11th annual Visionary Awards tonight at 5:00 at the Hilton San Diego Bayfront. Those to be honored … Irwin Jacobs, former Mayor Jerry Sanders, and Tijuana Mayor Carlos Bustamante.

At noon San Diego County Crime Stoppers is recognizing 18 law enforcement officials in their “Enough is Enough” awards.

Chula Vista Police is meeting with prospective officer recruits. If you’re interested in a career in law enforcement head over to Chula Vista’s City Hall tonight at 6:00, they’ll have all kinds of info for you.

At 3:00 this afternoon a lifeguard memorial statue will be dedicated. At over six feet tall the bronze sculpture by Richard Arnold recognizes San Diego’s Lifeguards. It’s placed at the Ocean Beach Lifeguard Station near the foot of Santa Monica Avenue.

And finally tonight at 6:00 San Diego’s Save our Heritage Organization is giving out its People In Preservation Awards. They honor people they believe help to save San Diego’s historic structures.

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Study: Hipsters driving up price of beer

Study: Hipsters driving up price of beer


Here’s another reason to be annoyed at hipsters: They’re driving up the price of beer.

A recent study has found that the price of low- and mid-range beers has been climbing at U.S. bars and restaurants. And the guy who oversaw the study for Massachusetts-based research firm Restaurant Sciences said he thinks the popularity of Pabst Blue Ribbon could be the cause.

beer“While all the attention has been on craft beers, the price of mainstay brands in the mid-price tier have risen more dramatically,” Research Sciences President Chuck Ellis said.

Pabst Blue Ribbon, a low-cost beer that has become a popular choice of the bearded, skinny-jeans wearing crowd, is a key reason the price of sub-premium beers has climbed 6.8% in the last seven months, Ellis told the New York Daily News.

“I believe the single biggest driver in sub-premium beer price increases is indeed specifically PBR,” Ellis said. “It…

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Buzz Aldrin speaks to fans at S.D. Air & Space Museum

Buzz Aldrin speaks to fans at S.D. Air & Space Museum


[trib_ndn vid=24838493]SAN DIEGO – Approximately 350 fans attended a special event Wednesday at the San Diego Air and Space Museum to meet Buzz Aldrin and get an autographed copy of his new book.

Aldrin, along with Neil Armstrong, became the first person to walk the moon in 1969. During an interview Wednesday afternoon he recalled the moments when Apollo 11 first landed.

“At 100 feet we hear a call out of 60 seconds of fuel left and I’m getting a little worried,” said Aldrin. “We got down to 30 seconds and we were still 10 feet above the ground. But I felt we were going to make it for sure. And then we touched down and we both looked at each other, congratulating each other and that was the most striking moment of that first expedition.”

His new book, Mission to Mars: My Vision For Space Exploration, is co-authored by…

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Proposed digital signs light the way to revitalizing downtown

Proposed digital signs light the way to revitalizing downtown


[trib_ndn vid=24838011]SAN DIEGO – The San Diego City Council’s Land Use and Planning committee heard a proposal Wednesday designed to revitalize parts of downtown.

Screen Shot 2013-05-22 at 5.49.58 PM“Creative artists saw the opportunity he saw what these signs can do now,” said David Ehrlich, FinWater Advisors.

Ehrlich made the presentation along with Jeff Marston of Marston & Marston.  The concept modeled after the Denver Theater District would encompass 58 blocks of downtown San Diego.  Using art, improving light and large digital signs, the project would enliven the area.

“We said it could be a place we said it could be a destination, we said the signs could have alternative uses,” said Ehrlich.

The district would be bordered by Broadway to the south, Ash Street to the north, Front Street to the west and 10th to the east.

“What it really is is a plan to bust our sign law,” said Pamela Wilson…

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