Expert witness testifies teaching yoga is a conspiracy

Expert witness testifies teaching yoga is a conspiracy

[trib_ndn vid=24835397]SAN DIEGO – Teaching yoga in public schools has come under fire in Encinitas and now a judge must decide whether or not yoga is a religion.

A lawsuit was filed by the National Center for Law and Policy on behalf of Stephen and Jennifer Sedlock, whose children attend one of the district’s nine schools, contends that Ashtanga yoga is religious in nature and that opting out costs students physical education time.

in court of yoga in schoolsControversy over the program erupted last year as the district began to develop a health and wellness curriculum that includes

“This is very intentional marketing,” said expert witness Dr. Candy Brown. “We lead with physical then introduce the spiritual aspect. I can give you quotations where people admit to this.”

Calling it camouflage and conspiracy, Dr. Brown described the practice of yoga.  She’s testifying in a case brought against the Encinitas School District by a small group…

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