Thousands of deportees could come back to SD, legally

Thousands of deportees could come back to SD, legally

[trib_ndn vid=24833439]SAN DIEGO – As the debate over immigration reform continues in the nation’s capitol, San Diego’s pro-immigrant community has joined others across the country urging lawmakers to include a provision that would extend legalization to those who’ve been already deported.

“It was like what you see in the movies where all the cops come into the house, it was like a nightmare, my sister was crying, my brother was too,” said 22-year-old Leslie Nuñez.  She recalled what it was like when she saw her two parents get deported back in 2007. “I had to grow up very fast.”

At age 16, she and her two younger siblings were left alone in their San Diego home.

“It was traumatizing for my sister and my brother,” said Nuñez. “I had to pay the bills. I had to make sure there was food in the house.”

“This kind of story is told…

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