ACLU calls twerking suspensions ‘illegal and ill-advised’

ACLU calls twerking suspensions ‘illegal and ill-advised’

[trib_ndn vid=24826255]The suspensions meted out to 31 high school students in San Diego for being in a “twerking” video were “illegal and ill-advised” and should be reconsidered, the ACLU said in a letter to the school principal Thursday.

The two-day suspensions do not fit the Education Code definition of conduct that constitutes sexual harassment, David Loy, legal director of the ACLU branch for San Diego and Imperial counties, wrote to Scripps Ranch High School Principal Ann Menna.

twerking“…Mass suspension based on allegations of sexual harassment was apparently unjustified and excessive,” Loy said. “It twists and trivializes the purpose of sexual harassment policies to use them to punish students they were designed to protect.”

Also, Loy said, the Education Code calls for suspensions only when there is no other way to “bring about proper conduct.”

Through a school district spokesman, Menna declined comment. Several of the students are appealing the suspensions…

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