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AM Briefing from Bowlersdesk.com for May 17, 2013


Protesters will gather at San Diego’s Federal Building at noon for 550 San Diego janitors that say they could lose their jobs without immigration reform. The protesters believe that the janitors would be eligible for the “pathway to citizenship” if congress was able to move on immigration reform. They will call for the President to suspend I-9 employment terminations until congress acts.

Also at noon San Diego City Council President Todd Gloria is announcing that the California State Historic Resources Commission named the North Park Water Tower an official historic site.

Today is National Bike to Work Day. In San Diego organizers expect over 7000 people to hop on their bikes this morning. Hundreds of pit stops have been set up all over San Diego County for the riders. Even County Supervisor Dave Roberts is getting in the act… He’s riding from Solana Beach to San Diego.

Camp Pendleton is hosting the Fifth Annual Recon Challenge this morning. Beginning at 4:00 AM participants will jump from a tower into a pool, assemble an M240 rifle underwater, and then race over an obstacle course.

More than 3000 students are graduating at Cal State San Marcos this morning at 10:30. And over the weekend more than 9000 student will walk at San Diego State University’s commencements.

And finally tonight at 6:00 El Cajon’s Recreation Department is hosting a “Kids Night Out Pool Party”. Parents and their children will be whooping it up at the Fletcher Hills Center and Pool at 2345 Center Place in El Cajon.

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ACLU calls twerking suspensions ‘illegal and ill-advised’

ACLU calls twerking suspensions ‘illegal and ill-advised’


[trib_ndn vid=24826255]The suspensions meted out to 31 high school students in San Diego for being in a “twerking” video were “illegal and ill-advised” and should be reconsidered, the ACLU said in a letter to the school principal Thursday.

The two-day suspensions do not fit the Education Code definition of conduct that constitutes sexual harassment, David Loy, legal director of the ACLU branch for San Diego and Imperial counties, wrote to Scripps Ranch High School Principal Ann Menna.

twerking“…Mass suspension based on allegations of sexual harassment was apparently unjustified and excessive,” Loy said. “It twists and trivializes the purpose of sexual harassment policies to use them to punish students they were designed to protect.”

Also, Loy said, the Education Code calls for suspensions only when there is no other way to “bring about proper conduct.”

Through a school district spokesman, Menna declined comment. Several of the students are appealing the suspensions…

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