Grand jury: Schools need adult bully policy

Grand jury: Schools need adult bully policy

bullying-girlsSAN DIEGO — The San Diego Unified School District Board of Education should develop a policy against adult bullying of children, the San Diego County Grand Jury recommended in a report released Thursday.

The policy, which also should cover harassment and intimidation, either physical or emotional, should be included in the district’s administrative procedures and school site safety plans, according to the grand jury.

School Board Trustee Kevin Beiser said Thursday the grand jury may have overlooked District Administrative Policy 6370, which addresses all types of child abuse.

“Anytime anybody is inappropriately interacting with children or other people,” said Beiser. “There is a very vigorous complaint investigation conducted. We take it very seriously at the school district. It is inclusive of the human resources department, the San Diego School Police Department and the area superintendent. So we make sure that if there is anything inappropriate occurring that we investigate it…

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