Tijuana’s nightlife revives despite drug war

Tijuana’s nightlife revives despite drug war


On a recent Friday night along Avenida Revolución,dense crowds of club kids, college students and stylishly dressedmaquiladora workers wandered past boisterous new bars, nouvelle restaurants, mod clothing shops and funky art galleries.

Nearby on Callejon de la Sexta (also known as Sixth Street), which not long ago was a wasteland of empty, sinister-looking storefronts, leather- and denim-swathed thirtysomethings spilled onto the sidewalk in front of La Mezcalera, a bar decked out like a cross between a Oaxacan bodega and a Chinese bordello that serves dozens of varieties of mescal.

A half-dozen years ago this stretch of the city was in a commercial death spiral, as a wave of brutal drug-related violence swept across Mexico, engulfing border cities such as Tijuana and Ciudad Juárez. But starting around 2009, young tijuanenses began to reclaim large swathes of their hometown. Taking advantage of rock-bottom rental rates, young entrepreneurs and artists are…

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