Filner fires back

Filner fires back

Screen Shot 2013-05-10 at 8.39.02 AMSAN DIEGO, CA — San Diego Mayor Bob Filner spoke out against critics of his proposed hold to an $80 million bond, part of the city’s 5 year plan to put a dent on the $898 million backlog in infrastructure repairs.

“That’s 80 miles of roads that won’t get worked on,” said City Councilmember Kevin Faulconer.

“That’s just a misreading,” said Mayor Filner responding to the Councilmember’s statement.

Filner says the proposed delay on the borrowed cash which his staff says would last no more than 7 months, is meant to save the city as much as $5 million in debt payments.

And he added the city would have enough money during that time to keep up with scheduled repairs.

“We haven’t used all the money that we have authority for and to issue another bond and pay interest on it at a time when we have the cash to…

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