Students appeal ‘twerking’ suspensions

Students appeal ‘twerking’ suspensions

[trib_ndn vid=24788995]SAN DIEGO — The two-day suspensions meted out to 31 high school students who made a racy dance video at Scripps Ranch High School have been served and the students are eligible to return to class, according to a memo provided by the school superintendent to school board members.

Twerking picIn the video, filmed on the North County campus, the students are shown twisting and thrusting their hips and buttocks, with rap music playing in the background. The term “twerking” is said to be a mix of the words twist and jerk.

“It is my personal opinion that the video is a deeply offensive production with implications for lewd conduct, sexual harassment and gender victimization,” Supt. Bill Kowba wrote. “It is especially insulting to [Scripps Ranch High], having been filmed on district property without district/school authorization.”

Some students and parents are attending discipline hearings, with some students challenging their suspensions…

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