Council to take up plan to trim City Attorney’s Office

Council to take up plan to trim City Attorney’s Office

city-council-sd-11-sealMayor Bob Filner’s proposal to cut 13 jobs in the office of his political rival, City Attorney Jan Goldsmith, is scheduled to be taken up by the San Diego City Council this afternoon.

The reduction, if approved, would save $1.4 million in the budget for the fiscal year that begins July 1.

Critics have said the proposed spending cuts were politically motivated. Council President Todd Gloria said the plan was “curious” and “unlikely to be implemented as proposed.”

When Filner introduced his spending plan last month, he noted that the City Attorney’s Office is the only municipal department to avoid job losses during the last several years of government belt tightening. The mayor said the funding cut was “a couple percent, not a major thing.”

Filner and Goldsmith have clashed on several city issues, including medical marijuana and funding for a tourism marketing district, and have complained about a lack…

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