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Convention Center needs $31M in maintenance, report says

Convention Center needs $31M in maintenance, report says


SAN DIEGO — The San Diego Convention Center, designed to be a major economic engine for the city, has been operating without financial reserves for the past two years and has run up a $31.1 million backlog of capital maintenance and equipment needs, according to a new report.

The report by the city’s Independent Budget Analyst — to be delivered to the City Council tomorrow — says the administration of ex-Mayor Jerry Sanders ordered convention center staff to exhaust the reserve account to prepare for a planned expansion of the facility.

The San Diego Convention Center Corp. historically maintained a healthy reserve, which reached a high of $8 million in 2008, according to the IBA.

The account was spent on acquiring rights to purchase land for the expansion, a feasibility analysis on the project, entitlement and design consultants and other preliminary activities, the report says.

Expansion supporters say the city…

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‘Voice of Charlie Brown’ sentenced for stalking

‘Voice of Charlie Brown’ sentenced for stalking


[trib_ndn vid=24807993]SAN DIEGO — The voice of Charlie Brown in several “Peanuts” animated television specials and movies was ordered Wednesday to enter a live-in drug treatment program and was put on five years probation for threatening his girlfriend and stalking a doctor who performed breast-enhancement surgery on her.

Superior Court Judge Dwayne Moring ordered that Peter Robbins of Oceanside immediately begin an inpatient program, where he will remain for at least eight months, to address mental health and substance abuse issues.

Robbins, 56, pleaded guilty last month to making criminal threats and stalking.   According to a psychological evaluation, his conduct over a several-week period was “troubling” but unlikely to re-occur, the judge said in suspending a one-year jail term.

Moring said Robbins was remorseful and reminded the defendant that he would stay out of prison as long as he complied with the terms of probation.

“Don’t be a blockhead,” the…

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Bowler’s Desk Political Podcast Wants Your Opinion: hop on your soapbox and tell us what you think 619-663-4531

Bowler’s Desk Political Podcast Wants Your Opinion

After our second podcast we had some great feedback, and then a great idea came our way.

We want to include what you think. We want your opinions. We want you to call us on our sh*t if you think we’re wrong.

We want you to hop on your soapbox and tell us what you think.

So call us at 619-663-4531 and tell us what you think.

Agree, disagree, have a new idea and show us the light.

We just may include you.

‘Charlie Brown’ actor will be sentenced for stalking

‘Charlie Brown’ actor will be sentenced for stalking


charlie-brown2-e1358990702318SAN DIEGO — An Oceanside man who was the voice of Charlie Brown in several “Peanuts” animated television specials and movies is scheduled to be sentenced today for threatening his girlfriend and stalking a doctor who performed breast-enhancement surgery on her.

Peter Robbins, 56, faces a sentence ranging from probation to three years and eight months in state prison after pleading guilty last month to making criminal threats and stalking.

Robbins was arrested in January while re-entering the United States from Mexico. The previous month, he had threatened Dr. Lori Saltz, who performed a cosmetic operation on his girlfriend, Shawna Kern, according to Deputy District Attorney Elizabeth McClutchey.

Saltz told authorities Robbins had paid for the surgery and follow-up appointments.

Kern, a Los Angeles resident, told investigators she was staying at a hotel in Carlsbad when she and Robbins got into a fight during which he grabbed her by the…

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Council to take up plan to trim City Attorney’s Office

Council to take up plan to trim City Attorney’s Office


city-council-sd-11-sealMayor Bob Filner’s proposal to cut 13 jobs in the office of his political rival, City Attorney Jan Goldsmith, is scheduled to be taken up by the San Diego City Council this afternoon.

The reduction, if approved, would save $1.4 million in the budget for the fiscal year that begins July 1.

Critics have said the proposed spending cuts were politically motivated. Council President Todd Gloria said the plan was “curious” and “unlikely to be implemented as proposed.”

When Filner introduced his spending plan last month, he noted that the City Attorney’s Office is the only municipal department to avoid job losses during the last several years of government belt tightening. The mayor said the funding cut was “a couple percent, not a major thing.”

Filner and Goldsmith have clashed on several city issues, including medical marijuana and funding for a tourism marketing district, and have complained about a lack…

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AM Briefing from Bowlersdesk.com for May 8, 2013


San Diego’s Mayor Bob Filner is in the news a lot today…

First he announced that former Republican presidential candidate and La Jolla resident Mitt Romney agreed to help with a San Diego/Tijuana Olympic bid. The Mayor hopes that Romney’s experience getting the 2002 Winter Olympics will help with a bi-national bid for the 2024 Olympics. To win the bid the Olympic Organizing Committee will have to change the rule and allow one bid from two countries.

Today at 9:00 Filner’s budget proposal is continuing to be examined. But the controversial part isn’t until this afternoon. The mayor wants to cut City Attorney, Jan Goldsmith’s budget by 1.4 million dollars. Goldsmith and Filner are political rivals. There have been several public scuffles including one time when the Mayor interrupted one of Goldsmith at a press conference … yelling at Goldsmith from the audience. The proposed cuts mean 13 people could lose their jobs.

The sentencing for voice of Charlie Brown is this afternoon at 1:30 in San Diego’s downtown courthouse. 56-year-old Peter Robbins pleaded guilty to stalking and making criminal threats. His sentence could be anything from probation to over three years in prison. Robbins is the voice of the iconic character for several of the famous Peanuts films including “A Charlie Brown Christmas” and “It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown.

Also … In front of the downtown courthouse at 11:00 this morning family of Rabecca Zahau is talking to the press. They want to tell us about their “continuing efforts to identify and hold accountable those responsible for Rebecca’s untimely death.”

And finally today at 10:00 AM doctors from Rady Children’s Hospital-San Diego will perform a groundbreaking surgery using magnetic rods to help kids with sever scoliosis. The surgery is only for extreme cases.

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Students appeal ‘twerking’ suspensions

Students appeal ‘twerking’ suspensions


[trib_ndn vid=24788995]SAN DIEGO — The two-day suspensions meted out to 31 high school students who made a racy dance video at Scripps Ranch High School have been served and the students are eligible to return to class, according to a memo provided by the school superintendent to school board members.

Twerking picIn the video, filmed on the North County campus, the students are shown twisting and thrusting their hips and buttocks, with rap music playing in the background. The term “twerking” is said to be a mix of the words twist and jerk.

“It is my personal opinion that the video is a deeply offensive production with implications for lewd conduct, sexual harassment and gender victimization,” Supt. Bill Kowba wrote. “It is especially insulting to [Scripps Ranch High], having been filmed on district property without district/school authorization.”

Some students and parents are attending discipline hearings, with some students challenging their suspensions…

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