AM Briefing from for April 29, 2013


This morning the USS Mobile Bay is returning home to San Diego. The guided-missile cruiser and its 5000 sailors spent their 8-month deployment in the Middle East and Western Pacific attached to the Johns C Stennis Strike Group. Making a brief stop in San Diego with the Mobile Bay is the aircraft carrier John C. Stennis. They are on their way to their home port of Bremerton Washington.

At 11:00 AM today labor leaders, immigrant rights activists, and politicians are talking to the media about their plans for May Day. May Day is the internationally celebrated Labor Day and traditionally a day of pro-labor protests. In San Diego the immigrants’ rights movement has attached itself to this day because of our proximity to the border.

And this afternoon at 1:00 the County of San Diego is going to talk about a joining new program called “Text4Baby”. The statewide wide program sends text messages to pregnant woman and new mothers promoting healthy lifestyles.

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