Marine convicted of ‘attempted adultery’ and lying

Marine convicted of ‘attempted adultery’ and lying

marine gavelCAMP PENDLETON — A female Marine was convicted Wednesday of “attempted adultery” and lying to investigators in a case involving allegations of sexual misconduct and alcohol abuse in the enlisted ranks.

The Marine, a staff sergeant with 17 years’ service, could receive a year in the brig and a bad-conduct discharge when the judge, Lt. Col. Leon Francis, announces the sentence Thursday. She was convicted of attempting “to have sexual intercourse with … a man not her husband,” but she was acquitted of adultery.

The military seldom files a criminal charge for adultery. The offense must be seen as prejudicial “to good order and discipline,” an allegation in this case tied to the fact that the defendant, her husband and the man with whom she allegedly had sex were all part of the same logistics group stationed at Camp Pendleton.

At a court martial, the Marine’s lawyer asserted that she…

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