Dozens arrested in multi-agency drug sweep

Dozens arrested in multi-agency drug sweep

drug sweep

SAN DIEGO — At least 63 people were in jail or rehabilitation facilities Thursday after law enforcement officers and health care professionals from 20 agencies fanned out across Southeastern San Diego and East County in search of drug offenders and those wanted for other crimes.

The 13th “Operation Tip the Scale,” led Wednesday by the San Diego County Sheriff’s Department, included more than 200 law enforcement officers from local, state and federal agencies, along with probation and treatment professionals, authorities said.

The operation featured patrols, drug sweeps, arrests and drug treatment outreach services, according to the San Diego County Methamphetamine Strike Force, one of the agencies participating in the event.

Authorities said Tip the Scale was designed to benefit those in need of treatment and families and communities affected by drug-related crime, including by steering probationers into court-required substance abuse treatment programs.

Affected family members were also pointed toward support…

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