School board considers summer program to help struggling students

School board considers summer program to help struggling students

sdusd signSAN DIEGO – The San Diego Unified School District Board of Education today will consider implementing a $1.9 million summer school program to try to help students in danger of being retained or who need to make up for poor grades in core classes.

A four-week program in elementary and middle schools would be established for children in grades one, three, and eight who are in danger of being held back.

According to the district, about 1,500 students in grades one and three are in danger of not advancing to the next grade level, based on whether they are making adequate progress in literacy and mathematics.

Another 600 eighth graders are at risk of not moving on to high school. Eighth graders who receive at least two Fs in core classes, like English/Language Arts, Mathematics, History/Social Studies, or Science, are required to take summer school or they will be retained…

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