AM Briefing from for April 22, 2013


Today is Earth Day and there are events all day today. Almost all of them are happening at Balboa Park. The park has been celebrating all weekend and today is the last day. Al kinds of ecofriendly things to do and learn from making drinking glasses out of old beer bottles to learning how to compost. There has been so much interest that the San Diego Earth Works (they helped to organize Earth Day) web site has exceeded its bandwidth for the month.

PETA … the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals is having what they call a “Nude PETA Protest” on the street in downtown San Diego. The group wants people to become vegan. They’ll be at corner of Fourth Avenue and Broadway at noon today.

Over the weekend a well know San Diego architect is beaten to death and his 31-year-old employee is accused. After a fight on Friday 56-year-old Grahm Downes dies Sunday. When police arrived they found the two men on the ground near Downs’s home. Police have not officially identified the suspect however UT San Diego says his name is Higinio Salgado.

Finally tonight over a thousand people are signed up to run to show their support for the victims of the Boston bombing. It is called Boston Strong San Diego. On the event’s Facebook page the organizers say “As a runner, I feel as though a group of my friends were attacked when the bombs in Boston went off.” The run starts at 6:00 PM in De Anza Cove.

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