Boston bombing suspect #2 in custody

Boston bombing suspect #2 in custody

BOSTON  — Dzhokar Tsarnaev, a suspect in this week’s Boston Marathon bombings, has been taken into custody outside a home in Watertown, Massachusetts according to the Boston Police Department.

Law enforcement officials erupted in cheers in Watertown, Masssachusetts, on Friday night — moments before Boston police tweeted that the lone remaining suspect in the Boston Marathon bombings was in custody. After the ebullient shouts, police began heading away from the backyard of a Watertown home where the suspect was believed to have been holding up in a boat.

Soon thereafter, an official in a law enforcement vehicle with tinted windows was asked by someone, “Is that him?” The person inside the vehicle responded, “Yes” — precipitating more cheers among the residents gathered nearby.

According to the Boston Police Department, a man went outside his house after the lockdown in Watertown was lifted and saw blood on a boat in the…

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