Protesters in Coronado rally to stop the Keystone Oil Pipeline

Protesters in Coronado rally to stop the Keystone Oil Pipeline

[trib_ndn vid=24744489]SAN DIEGO – Protesters outside The Loews Coronado Bay Resort sent a message Wednesday to “big oil” and are pressuring President Obama to reject the completion of the controversial Keystone XL pipeline.

CORONDAO PICCalling the project a disaster for climate, environmentalist carried signs and chanted slogans asking oil companies to stop, “Exxon, Shell, BP, there is no Plan B.”

“It’s a disasters. It’s a disaster for climate. It’s a disaster for people’s homes. It’s a disaster for our environment,” one protestor said.

Coronado is not a typical spot for a protest, but they were posted up there because the American Petroleum Institute – the largest oil and gas lobby in the country – is holding their annual meeting on pipeline safety.

“The pipeline will enhance our energy security,” said Peter Lidiak, Pipeline Director for American Petroleum Institute, adding the pipeline will have other benefits as well. “It will bring jobs to construction…

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