San Diego woman finishes Boston Marathon moments before explosion

San Diego County woman finishes Boston Marathon moments before explosion

medal%20picLAKESIDE — Lakeside resident Lee Ann Yarbor was just steps past the finish line when the first bomb exploded at the Boston Marathon.

“As they were placing the medal over my head,” said Yarbor. “The first explosion went off. It was so loud and so close and so powerful that it actually vibrated through my whole body.”

Yarbor said at first she was unsure of what was going on. Then the second bomb changed everything.

“The second explosion went off,” said Yarbor. “And then I knew that something was terribly wrong.”

She said some people were crying. Others were in shock.

“Police were heading towards the finish line,” said Yarbor.  “Sirens were going off. It was pandemonium, but yet very surreal because nobody really knew what was going on.”

Soon Yarbor and others around her began to learn the severity of the explosions.

“What I think a lot of us…

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