AM Briefing from for April 16, 2013


San Diegans are reacting to the Boston Marathon Bombing.

In a KSWB FOX5 story Jason Sloss talked to Ray Barrios, a San Diego man that had just finished the marathon and was being treated for dehydration when the blasts when off. In the story Barrios says “I just figured it was a power line or something that exploded. I really didn’t think much of it – didn’t have a reason to believe anything suspicious or bad happening,”

San Diego Mayor Bob Filner released a statement saying “What happened in Boston today is deplorable and heart-breaking. The City of San Diego weeps with the people of Boston and we stand with you in a nationwide desire and resolve to find a solution to keep random, violent tragedy from striking. Enough is enough.”

Locally San Diego Police, Sheriff, and the airport are not ramping up security but the personnel that is out is practicing a heightened awareness.

Today at San Diego’s City Hall Mayor Filner is going to officially propose his budget for this coming fiscal year. He presented his $2.75 billion budget to the media in it he has $1.2 billion going to the general fund.

On the controversial side Filner is cutting his political rival City Attorney Jan Goldsmith office budget by $1.4 Million. City Council President Todd Glorria describes the cuts as “curious [and] unlikely to be implemented as proposed.”

At 4:30 PM this evening gun control activists are going to rally at Congressman Darrell Issa‘s office. The activists will be submitting petitions in favor of increased background checks for gun buyer. Issa’s office is at 1800 Thibodo Road in the Northern San Diego County city Vista.

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