Marijuana school reopens

Marijuana school reopens

SAN DIEGO – The first and only marijuana school in San Diego is back in session.

Del Mar soccer mom Nicole Scott founded Legal Cannabis Institute, San Diego’s first and only marijuana school, four years ago.

When the federal government closed down marijuana businesses in April 2012, Scott said she closed her school, too.  But she said, after a one year hiatus, she’s reopening the Legal Cannabis Institute after Mayor Bob Filner recently expressed his support for medical marijuana.

“There has been an overflowing amount of interest in medical marijuana since Filner has taken office,” said Scott.

With Scott there are no smoke and mirrors, she is candid about the fact that her school is not accredited.

“I really wish we were accredited,” said Scott. “Sadly, California hasn’t caught up in all aspects of marijuana yet.”

Cannabis is the curriculum at the Legal Cannabis Institute.  The school has classes on everything…

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