AM Briefing from for April 12, 2013


Sequestration is hitting home again for San Diego.

At 9:30 this morning the USS Thach is returning early after its deployment to Central and South America is cut short because of the sequestration budget cuts. The Thach and its crew were working to counter drug smuggling.

San Diego Police are looking two men thought to be involved in a back alley murder. Yesterday afternoon two suspects met two victims in the alley on the 4000 block of 39th street. First they fought and then the victims were shot … Killing one and wounding the other. Suspects are described as thin Latinos with short hair, wearing dark shirts, blue jeans, driving a Toyota Tacoma two-door with and extended cab

San Diego’s Mayor, Bob Filner, will publicly ask San Diego City Attorney Jan Goldsmith to drop a lawsuit against the San Diego City Employees Retirement System. The suit is about pension contributions. Filner says that it’ll cost too much to sue and that since the city also represents the Employees Retirement System it is as though the city is suing itself. However Goldsmith alleges that this is all a Union backed scam to keep him from doing his job.

Fifteen current and former South San Diego County school officials are being arraigned this morning at 9:00 AM on corruption charges. The District Attorney is alleging that for years the defendants regularly took gifts as bribes in exchange for their votes on construction projects.

Today 49-year-old Catherine McCoy is being sentenced for the kidnapping and sexual assault of a woman she believed had sex with her ex-boyfriend. McCoy is facing 33 years to life in prison.

The “National 9/11 Flag” is making its last West Coast appearance before it is retired. It is the biggest American flag found in the rubble of the World Trade Center.

And tonight at 5:00 PM a birthday celebration is being held for deceased teen Taylor Dorman. Dorman tragically died suddenly this week on his 16th birthday after being hit in the chest with a softball.

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