AM Briefing from for April 8, 2013


Today is day four of the hotel workers hunger strike. It all began when the Hilton hotel started using e-verify to confirm the immigration status of their workers. Six workers quit and nine have yet to be verified. The nine say they are allowed to work in the states and that they only make $8.40 and an hour … all combined this is causing their families great pain. The nine are hopping to find out today at 5 pm if they can go back to work.

Six to nine foot waves will pound San Diego beaches today according to the National Weather Service. A six to nine foot wave means theses waves will have 12-18 foot wave faces. That’s huge. Along with the high surf rip currents are expected as well. Together they are very dangerous, just watch from the shore today.

Opening statements in the case against two men allegedly caught on surveillance video abusing an autistic man begins this morning at 9:00 AM in Vista.

At 9:30 the USS Cowpens is arriving at Naval Base San Diego. The Cowpens has been based in Japan for 13-years.

Sentencing at 1:30 this afternoon for the man shot by police inside a movie theater after he threatened his ex-girlfriend at gunpoint.

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