16 arrested during City Heights drug raid

16 arrested during City Heights drug raid


SAN DIEGO — Police arrested 16 people and seized methamphetamine and other drugs from a home in the Cherokee Point area of City Heights overnight.

Police raided the home in the 3300 block of Cherokee Avenue just before 9 p.m. Wednesday. Officers were tipped off to alleged drug activity at the house after police arrested 10 people from possessing methamphetamine at another location.

Investigators said they found more drugs and drug paraphernalia at the house, where they arrested six more people. There were also several trailers on the property.

A neighbor said he was not surprised by the raid. He said he had noticed a lot of suspicious activity at the house and was glad that police had taken action.

“Things have gotten crazier, more people, and frankly, a lot of hostile people, so I’m really happy they’re not here right now,” the neighbor said.

A SWAT team as called…

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