AM Briefing from for February 19, 2013


Sequester could hit San Diego’s economy hard. Congressman Scott Peters warns that if a budget isn’t reached in D-C and the draconian cuts from the sequester go into effect San Diego’s port could shut down. According to Mark Walker in a article not only are port jobs threatened but national security.

Walker says “Port security could also be threatened if Congress and the White House fail to reach a deal to stave off massive federal budget cuts”.

Security experts I’ve spoken to believe this is a bit alarmist, However there is no denying that the sequester will affect port jobs and that will ripple through the economy locally, nationally, and internationally.

This afternoon a cold winter storm blows into San Diego. The storm will dump rain along the coast and up to a foot of snow in San Diego’s east county. Snow could fall at elevations as low as 2000 feet.

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