FBI arrests Cal State San Marcos student body candidate

FBI arrests Cal State San Marcos student body candidate


SAN MARCOS, Calif. – A California State University San Marcos student was arrested and will face federal charges for allegedly rigging a student body election.

Matthew Weaver, a junior at CSUSM, was arrested Thursday and charged with fraud, access device fraud and unauthorized access to a computer, according to FBI special agent Foxworth.

“It was something that rose to the level that it did violate federal charges,” said Foxworth.

Court documents showed Weaver was stealing the identification and passwords of fellow students.

“Our IT department noticed some unusual activities going on with one of our campus computer lab computers,” said Margaret Lutz, spokeswoman for CSUSM.

Lutz said it happened last year during the ASI student body elections.  According to federal documents, Weaver had attached 19 keyloggers to various computers in the computer lab.  A keylogger is a device that records keystrokes entered into a computer.

“About 700 student passwords were…

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