SDSU Professor & Student Use Internet Marketing To Fight Human Trafficking

San Diego State University Professor Murray Jennex is working to fight human trafficking by using the same internet marketing tools used by Google and Facebook.

Jennex said his graduate student, Marisa Hultgren, first proposed repurposing some marketing tools for law enforcement.

“The idea that she had, which we followed through on, was that we should be looking at online advertisements,” Jennex said.

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San Diego SPJ Statement on inewsource Lawsuit

San Diego Society of Professional Journalists

The Society of Professional Journalists’ San Diego chapter strongly condemns any attempt to retaliate against a news organization for critical coverage by filing unrelated lawsuits. The timing of one lawsuit suggests that is exactly what happened in San Diego.

On Feb. 23, San Diego’s inewsource published the first in a series of articles that were critical of prominent local attorney Cory Briggs. On April 9, San Diegans for Open Government, a group that Briggs has often represented, sued inewsource and its executive director over its relationship with KPBS, particularly for its office lease at San Diego State University. The lawsuit is the subject of a court hearing Friday.

There is a right way and a wrong way to raise complaints about news coverage, and this is the wrong way. News organizations ? many facing severe financial challenges ? should not have to defend coverage by spending significant resources on legal…

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Hoover High’s Cardinal Camp Helps Jump-Start School For Freshmen

Every year San Diego Unified School District’s Hoover High welcomes new freshmen. This year, there are more than 600 incoming ninth graders.

For the past eight years, Hoover has operated a special summer day camp called Cardinal Camp, which gives freshmen the skills they need to excel in high school.

Cardinal Camp began as a program to help students who might not graduate. This is the first year that the program was opened to all Hoover freshmen. However, Cardinal Camp teachers point out it is especially beneficial for struggling students.

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How do you give a killer whale and EKG? With a set of GoPro suction cups of course.

Getting an electrocardiogram on a killer whale is tricky business, but researchers figured out how at SeaWorld. The scientists from the Scripps Institution of Oceanography developed the innovative technique and look to use it in the wild.

Scripps Research Physiologist Paul Ponganis said getting the electrocardiogram from the 50-year-old 8,000-pound orca possessed a unique challenge.

“The EKG electrodes are placed above and below the heart on the chest,” Ponganis said.

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Big Waves And Rip Currents Scour San Diego Shores

Higher than average surf and strong rip currents could wreak havoc along the San Diego County coastline Wednesday.

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Students Ask San Diego Unified For More Structure In Discipline Program

The success of a discipline program at Crawford High School has students asking the San Diego Unified School District to expand the program.

The program, Restorative Justice, helps students figure out why they misbehave. The idea is to treat the offending act like a symptom.

Crawford High School Academy of Law student Alan Obregon said restorative justice can help build bridges between teens at odds with each other.

“We have students that have been suspended, mainly for fights, and we have the two people that had some sort of dispute come together with two peer mediators,” Obregon said.

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Torpedoes Away! – Student Robotic Submarine Competition Takes To The Water In Point Loma

Young engineers are testing their skills at the 18th International RoboSub Competition at the U.S. Navy’s research pool in Point Loma.

There are 37 teams representing schools from all over the world trying to get submersible drones to navigate an underwater course in a massive oblong pool that is nearly 40 feet deep. Space and Naval Warfare Systems Center Pacific is hosting the international event.

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Out-Dated Income Restrictions Keep Needy Children Out Of Pre-K Program

“California created its own early childhood education program 50 years ago. The goal was to help working families in need. However, the director of San Diego Unified School District’s early childhood education program says the income requirements to qualify for the program are so stringent that many needy families are left out.”


California Teachers Union, School Boards Oppose Dyslexia Testing Bill

A new bill would require all kindergarten to third-grade students be screened annually for learning disabilities, specifically for dyslexia.

Kelly Sandman-Hurley and Tracy Block-Zaretski, who run San Diego’s Dyslexia Training Institute, a private dyslexia advocacy and tutoring company, helped draft the legislation put forward by Assemblyman Jim Frazier, D-Oakley, in February.

So far three influential organizations have come out against the bill.

California School Board Association, Special Education Local Plan Area and the California Teachers Association all sent letters of opposition to the state Assembly Education Committee. All the opposition letters echoed similar reasons for their position against the bill, AB 1369.


Coast Guard, Federal Operation Results In Massive Cocaine Seizure

Federal officials have seized more than 56,000 pounds of cocaine in only six months into the new year.

The U.S. Navy, Coast Guard and federal law enforcement agencies seized the cocaine in a record-breaking operation. The coalition seized 53,000 pounds of cocaine in 2014.

U.S. Attorney Laura Duffy said big busts like these have a huge impact on the international war on drugs.

“The seizures of these kinds of record-breaking amounts of cocaine means there are tens of thousands of pounds that aren’t making their way to the street,” Duffy said. “There are literally billions of dollars that are not making their way into cartel coffers.”

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